Coprolalia & Tics in Children


The term coprolalia is used to describe involuntary vocalizations that are obscene or socially inappropriate.  Coprolalia includes swearing, but also includes saying things that are culturally taboo, socially unacceptable or inappropriate because of age or context.

For example, a child using any kind of obscene language, or anyone saying negative comments about another’s ethnicity or physical appearance. Coprolalia may also refer to these phrases or words being said inside the person’s head or kept to themselves which also causes internal distress for the individual.

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Turrets Syndrome AKA Tourettes Syndrome – A Powerful Story of Coping with Tourettes

Coping with TourettesHere is a Touching Story by Rachel H. on how she has dealt with Turrets Syndrome AKA Tourettes Syndrome and how she seeks to help those with Tourettes in the future.

“I was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome when I was eight years old. This was the first sign of my having any neurological disorders, but during my early elementary school years, as my frustration grew with school work, it became apparent that I also suffered from some learning disabilities. These were soon diagnosed as visual-spatial disabilities and some attention problems. For years, the Tourette and the LDs seemed to be my only neurological problems, and for me, they were enough. Fortunately, when I entered high school, my Tourette lessened as I learned to control it with some help from medication. I also learned to compensate for my LDs, setting aside twice the time most students would need for every school assignment to ensure that my attention difficulties would not taint my academics.

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What is Turrets Syndrome (Tourettes Syndrome)

What is Tourettes SyndromeThere is a lot of confusion about Turrets Syndrome (Tourettes Syndrome). Here is an excellent video that really explains more about Tourettes Syndrome. It is presented by the Tourette Syndrom Association of Illinois, Inc.

Are You Worried That Your Child or Teenager May Have Tourette Syndrome?

Here at Brevard Clinical Research Center located in Brevard County, Florida we want to help teens and their parents find solutions for Tourette Syndrome. If you are curious if your child or teen may have Tourette Syndrome please take our quiz below or call us at 321-312-4530 for more information.


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Tourettes Syndrome in Teens

Tourette Syndrome in Teens

Although Tourettes Syndrome is usually a chronic condition that’s symptoms continue through-out one’s life, teens are affected the most.  During the early teens is when tic symptoms usually appear.  Often there is improvement of the tic symptoms in the late teens and continuing into adulthood.

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Medications for Tourettes Syndrome

Medications for TourettesUnfortunately, there is no cure for Tourettes Syndrome but there are medications that may help and medications that are being tested to treat Tourettes Syndrome. These medications for Tourettes Syndrome are aimed at controlling motor and vocal tics associated with Tourettes Syndrome.  For some the motor and vocal tics are more severe.

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What is Turrets (Tourettes Syndrome) ?

What is Turrets

What is Turrets (Tourettes Syndrome)?

Are you wondering what is turrets? Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder where a person has both motor and vocal tics. Doctors and scientists don’t know the exact cause of TS, but some research suggests that it occurs when there’s a problem with how nerves communicate in the brain. A disturbance in the balance in neurotransmitters — chemicals in the brain that carry nerve signals from cell to cell — may play a role in TS.

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Tips for Coping with Tics in Children

Tics in Children

Coping with Motor Tics in Children and Teens

Tics in Children is a difficult situation to cope with for parent and caretakers. Here are several tips to help keep the child or others from injury.

Arm/hand tics

  • Engage the child in an activity which requires his concentration, for example making something with his hands.
  • Invest in a laptop if he has difficulty with handwriting. Some students may be entitled to borrow one or obtain a grant to get their own.
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Tics in Children

Tics in ChildrenWhat Is Transient Tic Disorder? (Tics in Children)

A tic is an abrupt, uncontrollable movement or sound that deviates from a person’s normal gestures. For example, a person with tics may blink rapidly and repeatedly, even if nothing is irritating their eyes.

Every person experiences tics differently. They may suffer from either uncontrolled movements or noises. Tics are common in children and may last for less than one year. A child with transient tic disorder has noticeable physical or vocal tics. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states that tics affect up to 10 percent of children during their early school years.

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