When someone gets depressed, they will start to feel sad or down most of the time and will show less interest in the things in life that would usually bring happiness. It’s common for people with depression to stop spending time with friends and family, to stop doing activities and hobbies that they typically enjoy, and to put less effort into responsibilities at home and work or school. A person suffering from depression may appear tearful at times, irritable, unmotivated, and sluggish. Many people with depression also have a hard time focusing or concentrating. They may have a hard time doing anything that requires attention, like paying bills or completing work related tasks and may even have a hard time carrying on a conversation. Depression can cause a person to eat a lot more or a lot less than usual, which can lead to drastic changes in their body weight. Depression also causes changes in normal sleeping habits. Some people end up sleeping much more than usual, and still feel tired. Other people with depression have a hard time falling asleep or sleeping well throughout the night. Some people with depression may have recurrent thoughts of death or suicide.

A common misconception is that people need a specific reason to feel depressed, like losing a job, a relationship ending, or other drastic life changes. In reality, many people who become depressed cannot describe one specific thing that caused them to feel down. Many people who suffer from depression tell us that everything is great in their lives and that they don’t know why they are feeling down.

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Have you ever wondered about the development of medications or medical treatments that could one day improve the health and quality of life of millions of people? Clinical trials are a fundamental part of this process. Volunteer participation in clinical trials is essential for the development and approval of new medications and medical treatments. Brevard Clinical Research Center, Inc. is most grateful to our volunteers. We value their safety, comfort and well being above all else.

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